V-GREAT VG-6627 Adressible Smoke Detector

  • Addressable Heat Detector
  • Advanced embedded MCU
  • 360? visible LED driven by control panel
  • Manually addressing via a dedicated handheld programmer
  • Two response modes: A1R/A2
  • Designed to comply with EN 54-5

47.00 AED 54.05 AED

SKU: 100703
Brand: V-GREAT
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VG-6627 Addressable Smoke Detector can compensate the variation of environmental parameters and judge fire alarms through algorithm fixed inside the excellent MCU and send current operating state, smoke concentration, environment parameter etc. to control panel via digital signal transmission. With pleasing appearance, it is easy to install and maintain. The detector is suitable for hotels, restaurants, computer rooms, banks, malls, warehouses, libraries, museums, offices and places with heavy moistures among the air. Besides, it is also applicable for places where black smokes occurred when there is fire.

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Operating Voltage: 16-28V(Modulated-pulse)
Standby Current: 0.5 mA
Alarm Current: 1.0 Ma
Wiring: Two-wire?non-polarized?
Signal Transmission distance: ?2000m
Detector Classification: A1R or A2
Temperature range: 10degC-50degC
Humidity: 0-95%RH |  condensation
LED Alarm Indication: Red light emitting
LED Polling Indication: Red light flashing
IP Rating: 32

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