V-GREAT VG-6737 Adressible Sounder Beacon

  • 16 Tone Available
  • Sounder/Optical indication switchable
  • Type A Indoor use
  • High luminance, low-power LED visual
  • 4 sounder output level alarm display
  • Addressable Sounder Beacon
  • Designed to comply with EN54-3

150.00 AED 172.50 AED

SKU: 100706
Brand: V-GREAT
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VG-6737 Digital Sounder Beacon, as an warning device, combined flashlight and sound, is fully compatible with V-GREAT Digtial Protocal and Intelligent Protocal. Each beacon contains sixteen alert tones and four levels of volume, but occupy only one address. With a unique design, it can be directly connected in the loop and driven by loop-power, as well as external power supply. This beacon is automatically activated or restored when a fire situation is detected or removed, or manually controled on FD&A panel. VG-6737 is suitable for the applications of visual or audible warning or both required for the purpose of evacuation.

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Operating V oltage: 16-28V(Modulated-pulse)
Standby Current: 0.3mA
Alarm Current: 8 mA
Wiring: Two-wire?non-polarized?
IP R ating: 21C
V isual Alarm Indication: 0.2s light on; 0.8s light off
Temperature range: 10degC-50degC?
Humidity: 0-95%RH No condensation

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