Four Drum Spill Pallet SAI-U DP004H

  • Complies with EPA 40 CFR 264.175 requirements
  • Made from robust linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) to resist UV rays, rust, corrosion, and chemicals
  • Nestable design for space-saving stacking when not in use, reducing shipping costs
  • Features 4-way forklift access for easy handling and movement
  • All-polyethylene construction ensures it won’t rust or corrode
  • Among the strongest standard pallets for secure, long-term drum storage
  • Innovative design distributes weight to load-bearing channels, maximizing capacity

825.00 AED 971.00 AED

SKU: 101352
Brand: SAI-U
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The SAI-U brand Drum Spill Pallet, crafted using the rotational molding process in a single mold, boasts a robust and durable structure. It’s designed for easy forklift operation and offers a non-slip surface for safety. In the event of leaks or spills during dispensing, any spilled liquids are automatically directed into the tray or platform, thanks to the grid design. This containment feature prevents hazardous substances from spreading to the surrounding area, including floors, walkways, and corridors, thus averting potential environmental contamination and workplace accidents such as slips and falls. Additionally, it effectively safeguards against soil and water pollution. With this spill pallet in place, concerns about accidental splashes and leaks when handling or storing hazardous chemicals are alleviated.

SKU: 101352 Category: Brand:
Model : DP004H
Product Description : 4 Drum Spill Pallet
No of Containers : 4 X 205L Drum
External Dimension (H x W x D) : 300 x 1300 x 1300 mm
Sump Capacity (L/US Gal) : 260L / 96 US Gallon
Static Load (Kg) : 2600
Dynamic Load (Kg) : 1200
G.W (Kg) : 32
Colour : Yellow
Drain : Plug Yes
Approval: CE
Made : China

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