Spill Kit OSK5G Oil Spill Containment Kit, 5 Gallon

  • The spill kit has essential absorbents for oil spill control
  • Housed in a compact five-gallon container with a protective lid
  • The container bag is heat-resistant and durable
  • Store it in high-risk areas for quick access during spills
  • Includes goggles, heavy absorbent pads, a yellow bag, disposal bags, and gloves

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SKU: 101356
Brand: Spill Kit
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Emergency spill kits are an essential necessity within industrial workplaces. The unpredictability of hazardous liquid spills underscores the importance of complete readiness. Incidents involving dangerous substances like chemicals, fuels, lubricants, and coolants not only incur substantial financial losses but also disrupt production schedules and trigger safety-related penalties. Avoid the pitfalls of inadequate spill management. Instead, invest in a dedicated emergency spill kit, tailored to meet the specific requirements of your business.

SKU: 101356 Category: Brand:
Product : Portable Emergency Spill Kit
Absorbed liquids : Hydrocarbons (oil | fuel | grease etc.)
Absorbency : 19 Litres
HS Code : 63079099
Package Includes: 10 Sorbent Pads (16×20 inches) 2 Sorbent Socks (3 inches x 4 feet) HD Disposal Bag (80x120cm) Safety gears- Goggles and Gloves (1 pair) Scoop & Brush for cleanup Spill Kit Bag with label Instruction sheet included
Made: USA

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