Spill Kit OSK20G Oil Spill Containment Kit, 20 Gallon

  • Complete spill kit for rapid oil spill control and cleanup
  • Twenty-Gallon container houses the compact absorbent kit, with a moisture-protecting push-top lid
  • Container bag made of premium, heat-resistant material
  • Store the kit in high-risk areas for quick spill control access

335.00 AED 394.00 AED

SKU: 101360
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In industrial workplaces, an Oil Spill Containment Kit is not just a convenience; it’s a necessity. The unpredictability of hazardous liquid spills demands full preparedness. Accidents involving substances like chemicals, fuels, lubricants, and coolants result in substantial yearly financial losses, production halts, and safety-related penalties. Don’t expose your business to the risks of improper spill handling. Instead, turn to our comprehensive emergency spill kit. It comes equipped with supplies designed to fit your specific needs, ensuring you’re fully equipped for any hazardous spill. This proactive approach safeguards both your workforce and your financial stability. Our range includes various spill kit options, such as universal, oil-only, and chemical spill kits. You even have the flexibility to create a custom kit tailored to your unique emergency requirements. For example, our 20 Gallon Oil Spill Containment Kit includes a comprehensive selection of absorbent products. It’s engineered for rapid and efficient control and cleanup of oil spills, petroleum-based liquids, and coolants, all while effectively repelling water.

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