Braun Ear Thermometer


  • Measures temperature via the ear canal
  • Provides quick and accurate readings
  • Gentle and comfortable for all ages
  • Pre-warmed tip for accuracy and comfort
  • Easy-to-read digital display
  • Memory function to store previous readings
  • Hygienic disposable lens filters
  • Clinically proven accuracy
  • Suitable for home and clinical use


282.00 AED 331.00 AED

Brand: BRAUN
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Braun Ear Thermometer.  The Braun Ear Thermometer is a precise and reliable medical device designed for quick and accurate measurement of body temperature via the ear canal. Featuring advanced infrared technology, it provides fast readings within seconds, making it suitable for use with infants, children, and adults. The thermometer’s ergonomic design ensures ease of use and comfort, while its disposable lens filters ensure hygienic measurements. With its reputation for accuracy and ease of use, the Braun Ear Thermometer is trusted by healthcare professionals and families alike for monitoring fever and ensuring timely medical intervention when necessary.

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Brand : Braun
Type : Ear thermometer
Measurement Method : Infrared technology for accurate temperature measurement
Measurement Site : Ear canal
Probe Covers : Disposable probe covers for hygienic use
Measurement Range : Wide temperature range suitable for fever detection
Accuracy : High accuracy for reliable temperature readings
Memory Function : Stores previous temperature readings for reference
Measurement Time : Rapid measurement process for quick results
Fever Indicator : Indicates if temperature reading exceeds normal range
Age Precision : Provides age-specific temperature guidance
User-Friendly Design : Ergonomic design for comfortable and easy use
Backlit Display : Illuminated display for easy reading in low light conditions
Silent Mode : Silent mode option for use during sleep or in quiet environments
Battery Operated : Powered by replaceable batteries for convenient use
Protective Case : Includes a protective case for storage and portability
Warranty : Manufacturer’s warranty for a specified period

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