Vaultex 4710 GI Eye Wash Station

  • GI Pipe with Anti-Corrosion Powder Coating, also available in Stainless Steel
  • Equipped with a Stay Open Ball Valve featuring an ABS Push Plate
  • ABS Receptor Bowl that’s resistant to Acid, Alkali, and Oil
  • Twin Soft Flow Atomizer Head with aerators for controlled stream
  • Operation via both Push Plate and Foot Paddle

260.00 AED 306.00 AED

SKU: 101342
Brand: Vaultex
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The Vaultex 4710 GI Eye Wash Station is a crucial safety device, particularly designed for effective eye protection. It plays a vital role in industries where employees frequently encounter hazardous substances. This eye wash and safety shower unit boasts twin soft flow atomizer heads that aerate the stream, reducing splashing. This not only enhances safety but also conserves water and energy. The bowl of this eye protection device is constructed from chemical-resistant ABS material, ensuring durability even when exposed to alkalis, acids, and oils.

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Water Inlet Connection : ½”Eye wash
Water Outlet Connection : 1 ¼”Tee
Supply Water Condition: Drinking Water | Operating Press-2 Kgf/cm² (30 PSI) | Operating Temp-Ambient
Material : Pipe -GI | Fitting-GI | Flange-Cast Iron
Weight: 7.590 Kg
Flow: 10 LPM
Approval : IS :10592:1982
Activation: Push plate and foot paddle
Water inlet and drain: 1/2 inches BSP inlet and 1¼ inches BSP drain
Automiser heads: Twin soft flow automiser head which has aerators to control the stream straightness and diameter | thus reducing splash by aerating the stream
Valve: SS stay open ball valve with yellow ABS push plate

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