Sait Push and Pull Hand Safety Tool PST1R 90 Inch

  • Minimize employee exposure to accidents and serious injuries
  • Lightweight, yet exceptionally sturdy and user-friendly
  • Electrically insulated for added safety
  • Versatile for use with round and flat materials
  • Unique “V” shaped head fits tubulars and corners perfectly
  • Comes with three insert options: Rubber, Plastic, or Aluminum
  • Impressive push and pull force capabilities, maxing out at 600 LBS and 350 LBS, respectively
  • Features non-slip 4″ hand grips on longer models
  • Equipped with a dedicated tethering point for working at heights
  • Offers a shovel-style handle option
  • Boasts high visibility in striking orange color
  • Resistant to various environmental factors, including weather, oil, and chemicals
  • Provides a cost-effective solution that prevents accidents and ER visits

1,485.00 AED 1,747.00 AED

SKU: 101380
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The FingerSaver serves as a protective tool, shielding your hands and fingers from potential harm during assembly and disassembly tasks. It’s constructed with top-quality materials, featuring a sturdy plastic sheath, a rubber tensioner, and a strap made from safety belt material used in vehicles. Despite its robust build, it remains lightweight and easy to manage. When used correctly, the FingerSaver virtually eliminates the risk of injuries to the user’s hands or fingers, avoids any compromise to machinery or systems, and eliminates the possibility of sparking in explosive environments. It’s a reliable tool that enhances safety and productivity during various applications, offering peace of mind to operators.

SKU: 101380 Category:
Push pole Length: 90 Inch
Push pole Head: Robust and anti-slip Rubber insert
Push / Pull Force Rating: Push 2800N. / Pull 1650N
VOLT: 9000
HS Code: 82059090
Made : China

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