Finger Safety Tool 295mm 39269099

  • Finger saver – protects hands during assembly and disassembly
  • Made with durable materials for safety and reliability
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Minimizes the risk of injuries and equipment damage

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SKU: 101373
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The FingerSaver acts as an extension of your hand, providing support equivalent to what your fingers and hands offer. It has undergone thorough testing in typical scenarios where large spanners and flogging spanners are used on nuts and bolts. Before each operation, users should assess its safety as applications can vary. You can also consider using the FingerSaver in situations where you want to keep your hands and fingers farther from potential impact or pinching risks. However, always evaluate its suitability and safety independently. This tool is made from lightweight, durable materials designed for easy tool support and release. It’s unlikely to cause injury, equipment damage, or sparking in hazardous environments when dropped. The materials resist ozone, atmospheric aging, and many contaminants, including common lubricants. If exposed to aggressive contaminants or showing signs of damage, dispose of it safely. While the main plastic body doesn’t splinter upon impact and is durable, inspect it for damage like any other tool. Only use it if it’s undamaged. If it’s significantly damaged due to impact or pinching, dispose of it safely.

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Made : China
HS Code: 39269099

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