Medical Econet Cardio M-Pro 12 Channel ECG

  • 8-inch color widescreen touch LCD monitor
  • 12-channel synchronous display with the screen
  • Computer keyboard input and full-screen touch operation design
  • 24-bit high-precision synchronous data acquisition with low noise and high dynamic range
  • Excellent performance of the linear phase all-digital filter for high-fidelity waveform output
  • Innovative fast baseline correction algorithm for stable baseline within 1-3 seconds
  • ECG automatic analysis system with ECE CSE ECG database test
  • High-definition low-noise thermal recorder with automatic paper positioning function
  • Built-in high-energy lithium battery for 500 copies of ECG data printing
  • Hidden portable handle design for easy mobility and carrying
  • High-precision data storage with support for internal Flash, large-capacity USB, and SD card storage
  • Support for manual, automatic, rhythm, R-R, and off five recording modes
  • Minnesota code diagnostic information output
  • ECG waveform freeze and automatic playback support
  • Compatibility with external USB printer and barcode scanner
  • Network support with output options in PDF, Dicom (optional), and FDA-XML (optional) formats

8,000.00 AED 9,411.76 AED

SKU: 101260
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Introducing the CARDIO M-PRO – a 12-channel ECG offering intelligent features to streamline your workflow and save time. Upgrade your practice with modern technology that simplifies tasks. Experience convenience with the 8-inch LCD touchscreen and full alphanumeric keyboard, making the device even more user-friendly. Enhance efficiency by connecting an external USB printer or barcode scanner to integrate with your practice management system. The CARDIO M-PRO supports various outputs, including manual, automatic, rhythm, R-R, and off five recording modes, as well as Minnesota code diagnostic information. Benefit from the powerful analysis module, providing 140 diagnostic analysis reports in PDF, DICOM, FDA-XML, DAT, or JPEG formats.

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Size: 360 x 276 x 130 mm (W H D)
Weight: 4.2 kg
Display: 8” | 800×480 TFT LCD touch screen
Input voltage : AC-100V~240V | 50/60 Hz
Input power : 100 VA
Earth leakage current : <0.3 mA
Standard : Comply with IEC 60601-1 and IEC 60601-1-2
Type : Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Rated Voltage : 11.1V
Capability : 4400 mAH
Operating Time : Used continously for 5 hours (print 500 shares of cardiogram)
Indication of battery capability: With
Keyboard : USB keyboard | Standard touchscreen connector (4 lines)
Network connector : RJ-45 (one) TCP/IP; Web function
USB-Connector : 1x USB Host connects scanner & printeR | 1x USB Device connects PC Computer
SD-Card : SD Card (optional)
Fixed Memory : 800 groups of ECG data
Optional Memory : Flash | SD card or U disk
Storage mode : Background storage automatically
Storage format: PDF | DAT | DICOM | FDA-XML | JPEG
Operating Temperature :
Relative humidity : 25% ~ 95% (non condensing)
Atmospheric pressure: 500hPa ~ 1060hPa

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