• Reliable and indestructible high-quality instrument
  • Suitable for everyday ear, nose, and throat examinations
  • Easily adjustable 2.5 V vacuum light (made in Germany)
  • Quality 3X magnifying removable lens
  • Ideal for pneumatic tympanic membrane tests, can also be used for rhinoscopic examinations

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SKU: 101311
Brand: Gima
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The PARKER Otoscope is medical equipment suitable to directly examine the external acoustic duct and the tympanic membrane. Theotoscope is available in two different models. The two models differ in the colour and type of connection between the head and the handle. The otoscope PARKER (cod. 31440) is provided with a screw cap, while other models have got a bayonet cap and they are available in different colours: green (cod. 31435), blue (cod. 31436) and yellow (cod. 31437). Both models are equipped with a 2, 5 V bulb and are supplied by two 1, 5 V alkaline batteries type “C”. The otoscopes PARKER are provided with a rheostat to adjust the intensity of light, a removable glass allowing a 3X magnification and an output for air insufflation to check the mobility of the tympanic membrane. The otoscopes PARKER are delivered in an imitation leather case and are equipped with three autoclavable specula Ø 2, 5 – 3, 5 – 4, 5mm. The product shall be used by qualified medical personnel only, in out-patients’ department. It is not conceived for the employment in operation room. Due to its powerful luminous intensity it is unadvisable to directly point it at eyes. Since the product is made of corrosion-proof materials suitable for the enviromental conditions foreseen for its normal use, does not require special care, however it is necessary to store it in a closed place making sure that is protected from dust and dirt to assure its hygenic conditions.

SKU: 101311 Category: Brand:
Manufacturer: ‎Gima S.p.A.
Part number: ‎31440
Item Weight: ‎340 g
Product Dimensions: ‎9 x 3.5 x 21 cm
Color: Black

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