Fonux ESA-10 Exit Emeregency light

  • Compact and decorative design
  • LED self-contained luminaire with manual test and AUTO test optional
  • Ni-Cad and Ni-MH battery optional
  • Single and double face universal
  • Replaceable pictogram design including arrow right, left, and down
  • High Luminance model optional
  • Low operation cost via low power consumption
  • Maintained and non-maintained operation changeable
  • Material of luminaire compliant with the glow wire test at a temperature of 850?C
  • RoHS compliance

275.00 AED 316.25 AED

SKU: 100671
Brand: Fonux
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The Fonux ESA-10 Exit Emergency Light is a reliable and efficient lighting solution designed for emergency situations. With its compact and streamlined design, this exit light is suitable for various indoor environments. It provides clear and visible directional signage to guide individuals towards the nearest exit during power outages or emergencies. Equipped with energy-efficient LEDs, the ESA-10 offers bright illumination while minimizing power consumption. Its sturdy construction ensures durability and consistent performance, even in challenging conditions. The Fonux ESA-10 Exit Emergency Light is an essential safety feature for commercial, industrial, or public spaces, enhancing evacuation procedures and ensuring occupant safety.

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Rated Power Supply : 220 ~ 240 VAC 50/60Hz
Central Battery System: DC 176-254V input | 220 ~ 240VAC
Power Consumption: Max 3.5W
Charge time : 24 Hours
Discharge 3 hours
Battery: Ni-Cad battery / Ni-MH battery
Changeover voltage : 144-187VAC
Test Facility Manual Test, AUTO test and DALI interface available: Manual Test | AUTO test and DALI interface available
Viewing distance : 30m

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