Fonux FXL 180A Led Emergency light

  • All components are injection molded, color stable
  • High impact thermoplastic material
  • Designer textured finish standard
  • Components are of snap-fit construction to facilitate under 5 minute installation
  • Reinforcing ribs throughout to provide maximum strength
  • Suitable for wall or ceiling mount applications
  • Universal J-box mounting pattern
  • Keyhole mounting slots

86.00 AED 98.90 AED

SKU: 100669
Brand: Fonux
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The Fonux FXL 180A LED Emergency Light is a reliable and versatile lighting solution designed for emergency situations. This emergency light features a compact and practical design, making it suitable for various indoor environments. Equipped with energy-efficient LED technology, it offers bright and efficient illumination while minimizing power consumption. The FXL 180A is easy to install and maintain, providing convenience for users. Its durable construction ensures consistent performance and reliability, even in challenging conditions. The Fonux FXL 180A LED Emergency Light is an essential safety feature for commercial, industrial, or public spaces, enhancing evacuation procedures and promoting occupant safety.

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