• Nominal Voltage: 12V
  • Rated Capacity: 200Ah

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Brand: Amaron
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AMARON SOLAR 12ASMF200 AGM-VRLA Battery is specifically designed for solar systems, which are demanding applications for batteries. The correct choice of battery is crucial for the integrity of the entire solar system. Batteries in solar systems are exposed to high and low temperatures, unpredictable charging, daily cycling, and potentially partial states of charge. Therefore, selecting the right battery for the specific application is of utmost importance to maximize battery life. Amara Raja recognizes the need for an enduring and reliable power source and offers a complete range of solar batteries in the market. They also provide expert advice on choosing the appropriate battery for each application. Amaron Solar batteries are built to perform and incorporate fail-safe, fool-proof battery technology. They are produced and tested in a premier manufacturing facility, demonstrating Amara Raja’s commitment to bringing the best technology to the market. These batteries are robust, safe, and reliable, suitable for PSOC (Partial State of Charge) and deep discharge scenarios. They feature a unique heavy-duty corrosion-resistant alloy for positive grids, which increases cyclic life, especially in tropical environments. The Radgrid? profile of Amaron Solar batteries provides lower internal resistance and enhanced performance. They also utilize Instacharge?, a patented paste recipe that ensures excellent charge acceptance. The batteries have a low self-discharge rate, ensuring high charge retention over extended periods. With a design float life of 10 years, they offer long-lasting performance. Their clean and sleek looks add to their overall aesthetic appeal. Amaron Solar batteries exhibit higher AH (Ampere-hour) and WH (Watt-hour) efficiency, resulting in improved energy utilization. They have a longer service life, further enhancing their value for solar applications.

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Nominal Voltage : 12V
Rated Capacity : 200Ah / C20 / 1.75VPC / 27degC
Dimensions (2mm): Length 556mm (21.88 in.) Width 186mm (7.32 in.) Total Height 263mm (10.35 in.)
Approx. Weight : 61.0 Kg (134.48 lbs)
Terminal : M8 x 25mm Copper terminal
Case Material: Polypropylene Co-polymer (PPCP)
Internal resistance (as per IEC) : Approx. 3.71 m, for a fully charged battery (27degC)
Short circuit current (as per IEC) : 3390 A
Operating temperature range : -20degC to +50degC (50 to 60degC for shorter duration)
Self-discharge: < 4% per month at 27degC
Certifications: ISO 9001: 2015 certified ISO 14001: 2015 certification signifying the environmental consciousness OHSAS 18001: 2007 certified Implementation of Kaizen | Six Sigma programs
Approvals: Conforms to IEC 60896 Conforms to IEC 61427 Conforms to IS 15549 & IS 16220 Conforms to JIS C 8702
Applications: Solar Home Lighting Solar Street Lighting & Traffic lights Roof-top Solar & Hybrid power packs Rural Electrification Off-shore platforms Solar Lantern Navigational Aids Telecommunications Railways & Defence Power plants & Substations Corporate Establishments Banks & IT parks
Made: India

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