Secure SE- 7077 Addressable Emergency Lighting Control Panel

  • Provides light when power falls
  • Avoids people remaining in darkness and panic
  • Clearly shows the escape route using clear signs
  • Ensures alarms and fire safety equipment along the way out are easily identifiable

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SKU: 100677
Brand: Secure
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The Secure SE-7077 is an advanced addressable emergency lighting control panel that centralizes the management and monitoring of emergency lighting in commercial and industrial settings. It supports individual control and monitoring of each connected emergency light, offers customizable programming options, facilitates automatic testing, and integrates with other building systems for enhanced safety and efficiency.

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Power Supply: AC 100-240VAC/50-60HZ
Consumption : 25W (0.15A AC)
Battery Type: Sealed lead-acid battery 12V / 7AH Max
Charger Charger : Stabilized power supply 13.8V / 400Ma
Loop circuit : The maximum number of addressable modules connected to the panel is 260. (2 loops | 130 each loop)
Display : 4.7inch touch screen
Maximum load: The maximum load connected to the panel must not exceed 0.6A.
Degrees of cover protection : IP 30
Humidity : Up to 95% relative humidity
Construction : ABS
Dimensions : 322 x 241 x 97mm
Weight : 1400 gm
Norms: EN 50172 | EN 50130-4 | EN 61000-6-3 | IEC/EN 62034
Compliance: TUV-CB | COC

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