Ozone Digital Lock MORPHY NXT OZ-FDL-01 LIFE NXT

  • Fingerprint
  • Admin
  • Low Battery Notification
  • User Password
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  • Auto Secure
  • Mobile App
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  • Break-in
  • RFID Card
  • Emergency key

1,550.00 AED 1,650.00 AED

Brand: Ozone
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Ozone Digital Lock MORPHY NXT OZ-FDL-01 LIFE NXT.Ease of operation and convenience of use is the modern mantra of living. Remove the hassle of keys in a living space and be confi dent with our range of Digital Locks that can be installed on any door, be it glass, wooden, or metal. Biometric fi ngerprints can operate these locks or a simple PIN, RFID card, or even a user-friendly app on a smartphone that enables operating the lock from a remote location

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Smart Feature:  : Passage Mode | Anti-Theft Password Audit Trail | Low Power Consumption Smart Freeze | USB for Battery Backup Volume Setting | Dual Combination Mode Universal Handle | Doorbell | Privacy Locking Remote Location Unlocking | Night Latch
Password : 8 ~15 digits number combination
Door Thickness : 35~80mm
Power  : AA Alkaline battery X 4 (DC 6V)
Battery Life : Approx. 3500 Open & Close Operations
Types of Password : OTP | Timed | Cyclic | Permanent | Dynamic

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