Samsung SHP-DP609 Smart Door Lock-Silver

  • Fingerprint Access
  • Random Security Code
  • Voice Guide
  • One-touch Anti-theft set-up
  • Suspicious movement alert
  • Intrusion Alarm
  • High-Temperature Alarm
  • Emergency Power Supply
  • Silent Mode
  • Low Battery Alarm
  • Color : Silver

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SKU: 100491
Brand: Philips
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Samsung SHP-DP609 Smart Door Lock with Fingerprint can also be unlocked by PIN Code, RFID Card plus back up mechanical key.Push-Pull Design handle: open or close with just one action Fingerprint Access: Fast and accurate fingerprint sensor. Random Security Code: Before entering your password you will be prompted to tap two randomly chosen digits, making it impossible to guess which numbers you have entered by looking for smudges. Voice Guide: Spoken feedback to guide users for setup and ease of use. One-touch Anti-theft set-up: Set up the intruder prevention feature with a single touch to burglar-proof your home when your family is away. When this feature is activated, an alarm is set off when the lock is operated from the inside; a sign of a burglar attempting to make an escape. Suspicious movement alert: When the equipped IR sensor detects any suspicious movements for prolonged periods of time, the door lock sounds a warning siren to ward off unwanted guests. Intrusion Alarm: When the equipped IR sensor detects any suspicious movements for prolonged periods of time, the door lock sounds a warning siren to ward off unwanted guests. Attempted forced entry or tampering to bypass the lock will set off the alarm immediately. High-Temperature Alarm: When abnormal high-temperature is detected by the built-in sensor, the alarm is triggered, and the door lock flashes an alert. The door lock will be also automatically unlocked to allow fast escape. * High-temperature detection function is operational at about 70 ?C ? 10 ?C; this can vary depending on the installation environment. Emergency Power Supply: If batteries are not replaced on time, they will be completely discharged and the lock will not operate. In this case, to open the door, connect a Micro USB 5-Pin cable from a smartphone portable charger to the Micro USB power input on the bottom of the outer body, and then authenticate the fingerprint or enter the password. Silent Mode: If you have children or often enter/exit your home late at night, you can adjust the volume or mute the key tone or the door opening melody. Low Battery Alarm: If the batteries are running low, The door lock informs you through a specific melody or keypad LED. You can easily replace the batteries without having to check the battery life.

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Available Color: Silver
Max User Memory: 1 Master (PIN) | 100 User (PIN) | 100 Fingerprints
Access Mode: PIN | Fingerprint | RFID Card | Mechanical Key
User Friendly Interface: No
Double Verification: PIN + Fingerprint
Intrusion Prevention: Yes
Out-body Dimension: (W x H x D)mm: 86.2(W) X 391(H) X 68.5(D)mm
Door to Gate Allowance (mm): 70mm
Door to Gate Allowance (mm)Clearance From Door Edge (mm): 120mm
Power: DC 6V (AA Alkaline batteries) x 8
Battery Life: Approximately 10 months (Average 10 times per day)

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