Okaya OB 12 – 12 12V-12Ah Okaya Advanced VRLA Battery

  • Maintenance-free, no need for topping up
  • Lead calcium grid for extended life
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Low self-discharge and long service life
  • Sealed, leak-proof construction
  • Fast deep discharge recovery
  • Available in factory charged conditions

88.00 AED 104.00 AED

Brand: Okaya
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Okaya OB 12-12 12V-12Ah is a model of the Okaya Advanced VRLA battery. These batteries are manufactured in an eco-friendly facility that is ISO certified and equipped with state-of-the-art technology. They utilize advanced AGM valve regulated technology and are made from high purity raw materials. These features ensure that the batteries maintain a high level of consistency, leading to improved performance and a reliable standby service life. The Okaya Advanced VRLA/SMF battery, including the OB 12-12 model, is suitable for various applications. It can be used in UPS/EPS systems, Telecom networks, power grids, medical equipment, emergency lights, and security systems. The versatility of these batteries allows them to meet the power needs of different industries and provide a reliable power supply in critical situations.

Nominal Voltage : 12V
Rated Capacity @20Hr (Ah), 27°C : 12
Dimensions: Length (mm)±2 151 Width (mm)±2 98 Height (mm)±2 95 Total Height (mm)±2 101
Approx Weight : (Kg)±5% 3.5
Design Life (Years) : 10
Container Material : ABS
Rated Capacity @10Hr (Ah), 27°C Rated Capacity @8Hr (Ah), 27°C Rated Capacity @5Hr (Ah), 27°C Rated Capacity @3Hr (Ah), 27°C : 11.03 10.5 9.8 9.18
Internal Resistence (Fully Charge, 27°C): Approx. 16.7mΩ
Operating Temperature Range: Discharge -15°C to 50°C Charge -15°C to 40°C Storage -15°C to 40°C
Maximum Discharge Current : 150 / 180 A (5 Sec.)
Maximum Charging Current : 3.50A
Nominal Operating Temperature Range: 27± 3°C (77± 5°F)
Made: India

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