Lomar Disposable LabCoat 40 gsm with Pockets

  • Single collar design for comfort and simplicity
  • Elastic cuffs equipped with four snaps on the front for a secure fit
  • Water-resistant construction to keep you dry in wet conditions
  • Non-woven material with convenient pockets on both sides for added functionality

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SKU: 101325
Brand: Lomar
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Introducing the Lomar Disposable LabCoat, a reliable and versatile protective garment constructed from durable 40gsm material. Designed to meet the demands of various work environments, this lab coat offers both functionality and comfort. Equipped with multiple pockets, it provides convenient storage space for tools and essentials, enhancing efficiency in tasks requiring quick access to equipment. The Lomar Disposable LabCoat is an excellent choice for settings such as laboratories, medical facilities, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and clean rooms, where cleanliness and protection are paramount. With its lightweight design and 40gsm fabric, this lab coat ensures both durability and wearer comfort, making it an ideal solution for professionals across diverse industries. Whether you’re working in a lab, a healthcare facility, or an industrial setting, the Lomar Disposable LabCoat with pockets is your dependable companion for maintaining cleanliness and protection throughout the day.

SKU: 101325 Category: Brand:
Color : White
Size: Medium
Packing : 1pc/pkt | 50pkt/ctn

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