Leoch LPC12-100(12V100Ah) LPC Series-Deep Cycle Battery

  • Nominal Voltage: 12V
  • Rated Capacity: 100Ah

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SKU: 101156
Brand: Leoch
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The Leoch LPC12-100(12V100Ah) LPC Series-Deep Cycle Battery is designed for deep cycle applications. It offers a good cyclic property and enhanced endurance against overcharge and overdischarge. The battery utilizes oxygen recombination technology, making it maintenance-free. Its lower acid density, excess electrolyte, and larger plate distance contribute to keeping the battery at a low temperature and slowing down plate grid corrosion. The unique plate group configuration, high-quality AGM separator, and battery management system ensure a longer service life for the battery. With these features, the LPC12-100 is an excellent choice for deep cycle applications that require reliability and durability.

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Rated Voltage: 12V
Rated Capacity: 100Ah (C | 1.80V/cell)
Dimension: Length 330mm (13.0 inches) Width 173mm (6.81 inches) Container Height 212mm (8.35 inches) Total Height 220mm (8.66 inches
Approx Weight: 30.6Kg (67.5 Ibs)
Terminal: M8
Container Material: ABS
Rated Capacity (@25°C ): 105.0Ah (20hr | 5.25A | 1.80V/cell) 100.0Ah (10hr | 10.0A | 1.80V/cell) 91.0Ah (5hr | 18.2A | 1.75V/cell) 82.8Ah (3hr | 27.6A | 1.75V/cell) 72.0Ah (2hr | 37.0A | 1.75V/cell) 1
Short Circuit Current: 2000A
Operating Temperature Range: Discharge -20°-55° (-4°131°) Charge 0°40 (32°104°) Storage -20°-50° (-4°122°)
Nominal Operang Temperature Range: 25°3 (77°5°)
Max.Charging Current(25°): 25A
Charge voltage(25°): Float 2.23~2.27V/cell -3mV/cell/° Cycle 2.40~2.45V/cell -4mV/cell/
Effect of temp. to Capacity: 40 (104?)? 106% 25 (77?)? 100% 0 (32?) 86%
SelfDischarge: ?3%/month @ 25?
Apploication: Mobility Scooter | Golf trolleys | Portable lights and instrumentsElectric tools | Electric toys | Portable power | Electric wheelchair
Standards: Compliance with BCI standards Manufactured in Leoch IATF16949 | ISO 9001 | ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certified production facilities

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