Konsung Portable Phlegm Suction Pump Model 9E-B

  • High negative pressure, large flux, and minimal noise
  • Innovative design with a hidden suction bottle and a plastic negative pressure meter casing
  • Fashionable and precise appearance, reducing operational noise
  • Advanced overflow-protection design prevents leakage of pus and mucus
  • Compact, lightweight, and highly portable, ideal for emergency and outdoor applications

750.00 AED 882.00 AED

SKU: 101317
Brand: Konsung
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The Portable Phlegm Suction Unit represents cutting-edge design, drawing from extensive expertise and global trends in product development. Its innovative oil-free lubrication pump sets it apart. This unit is tailored for efficiently extracting thick liquids, including blood and phlegm. Its applications range from use in operating rooms and emergency situations to serving as a valuable healthcare aid at home. What makes it even more versatile are the three power options available: AC, DC, or battery-operated, ensuring that you can count on its reliable performance no matter where you need it.

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Voltage: AC 220V | 50Hz or 110V | 60Hz or DC 12V
Power consumption : 90 W
Maximum negative pressure : ≥0.075 Mpa
Negative pressure range : 0.02 MPa to Max negative pressure
Pump rate: 20L/min
Noise : ≤65 dB
Continuous Working Time: 0-30 min
Rest Time: ≧ 30min
Bottle volume : 1000 ml
Box Size : 35 X 26 X 29 cm(1pcs/carton)
N.W.: 6.7 kgs (1 pc | including accessories)
Package Incudes: Soft tube (1 piece)- 2m long | 2mm thick | 12mm in diameter Suction tubes (2 pieces)- 1 for adults | 1 for children | 55cm each Fuses (2 pieces)- 1.5A and 3A Filters (2 pieces) Car charger (1 piece)

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