GIMA Manuale Tobi Suction Pump

  • Tobi Manuale operates independently of power sources
  • It’s easy to operate using a foot, hand, or knee pedal
  • Designed for safe and efficient airway clearance in any location
  • Precision-built for long service life and durability
  • Features a 400 cc autoclavable polycarbonate suction bottle
  • Includes spill-over protection for added safety
  • Comes with a bacterial filter for enhanced hygiene

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SKU: 101318
Brand: Gima
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The GIMA Manuale Tobi Suction Pump is a reliable and versatile medical device designed for effective airway clearance in various healthcare settings. This manually operated suction pump provides a consistent and powerful suction force to safely and efficiently clear a patient’s airways. With its user-friendly design, it can be operated by foot, hand, or knee, making it easy for healthcare professionals to use in emergency situations or during routine care. The pump is engineered for precision and durability, ensuring a long service life and consistent performance. The included polycarbonate suction bottle has a generous 400 cc capacity and is autoclavable at 120°C, ensuring proper sterilization and hygiene. Additionally, the pump features spill-over protection to prevent contamination and maintain a clean environment. For added safety and hygiene, the GIMA Manuale Tobi Suction Pump comes with a bacterial filter, further enhancing its suitability for medical use. This suction pump is a valuable tool in airway management, providing healthcare providers with a dependable solution for patient care.

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Weight : 1.2 kg
Size : 225 x 165 x 85 mm
Max suction : – 0.40 bar
Suction power : 22 l/min
Bottle capacity : 400 cc
Made : Italy

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