Hoyles DEAFGARD A101 Deafgard Fire Alarm Solution For The Hard Of Hearing

  • Wire Free
  • Battery Powered and Portable
  • Acoustically Operated
  • Under pillow pad vibrates waking guests
  • Ideal for Hotels and other sleeping risk applications
  • Independence for the user
  • Peace of mind for user and family
  • Flashing Strobe provides Visual Indicator
  • Incorporates alarm clock Facility
  • Complies with relevant BS EN Standards
  • Battery Life 12 months
  • Manufactured in the UK

3,345.00 AED 3,935.00 AED

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In the event of fire, deaf and hard of hearing people will not be able to hear the fire alarm. Deafgard provides a wireless solution for communicating the sound of a fire alarm to deaf and hard of hearing people when they are asleep. Deafgard ensures you comply with elements of the Equality Act 2010. Deafgard is supplied upon arrival and guests are shown how to operate the unit. The Deafgard unit accompanies the guest to their room. How Deafgard works 1. Deafgard’s vibration pad is placed underneath a pillow or mattress. 2. If the fire alarm sounds the pad vibrates, powerful lights on the Deafgard flash and the screen displays FIRE. 3. Sleeping person is alerted to fire alarm by vibration and powerful light, allowing them to quickly evacuate.


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