Fire Blanket Roll, 1.6 MM thick, 1 X 50 Mtrs

  • Protects from medium splatter and sparks
  • Highly resistant to gas permeability
  • Excellent abrasion resistance and won’t deteriorate due to oxidation, weathering, or flexing
  • Superior draping characteristics
  • Suitable for areas with oils, greases, acidic liquids, and vapors

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SKU: 101387
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Introducing the Fire Blanket Roll, crafted exclusively from 100% texturized fiberglass cloth. This specially treated material is not only compact but also soft and highly ductile. Its primary purpose is to smother flames effectively, reducing the risk of burn injuries and preventing the fire from spreading. The Fire Blanket Roll offers a multitude of advantages, making it an indispensable safety tool. It possesses fire-retardant properties, ensuring it can withstand high temperatures without combusting. This material is also inherently resistant to corrosion and insects. Its reusable nature makes it an economical choice. Moreover, it excels in heat isolation, maintaining stable dimensions even under high-intensity conditions.

SKU: 101387 Category:
Dimensions : 1 meter Width X 50 meter Length
Thickness: 1.6 mm Thick X
Composition: 100% Texturized Fibre Glass Cloth
Applications: Protection from Oils Protection from Greases Protection from Acidic Liquids Protection from Vapours Welding Cutting Industries

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