Contec SP750 Infusion Pump

  • High accuracy flow control ensures optimum therapeutic effect
  • Compatible with most standard IV Sets
  • Calibration of new IV sets by suppliers for accurate infusion parameters
  • 2.8” TFT-LCD screen
  • Display of residual infusion time during infusing
  • Reminder function for starting infusion
  • Alarm for occlusion, air bubble, door open, and motor failure
  • Adjustable threshold for air bubble and pressure alarm by medical personnel
  • Accompanying IV-set clamp prevents liquid flow when the pump door opens accidentally
  • A.B.S—ANTI BOLUS system prevents high-dose injection due to sudden obstruction disappearance
  • Automatic infusion stop during alarms (except for “NEAR END, “KVO, and “LOW BATTERY” alarms)
  • Versatile bracket allows mounting on infusion pole in multiple directions
  • Infusion parameters saved after power off

Operates with keys

3,000.00 AED 3,530.00 AED

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The Contec SP750 Infusion Pump is a reliable and efficient medical device designed to deliver precise and controlled infusions. With its user-friendly interface and advanced features like adjustable alarm thresholds, it ensures safe and accurate medication administration. The pump offers flexible power options, making it suitable for various medical settings.

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