Aveus AV 200X Infusion Pump

  • Real-time monitoring of infused volume, bolus rate, bolus volume, and KVO rate
  • Automatic power switching for convenience
  • Mute button to silence alarms and notifications
  • Purge function to clear the system
  • Bolus feature for rapid medication delivery
  • System memory for storing essential data
  • Key locker to prevent unauthorized adjustments
  • Ability to change the flow rate without stopping the pump

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SKU: 101315
Brand: Aveus
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The Aveus AV 200X Infusion Pump is a cutting-edge medical device designed to precisely and safely administer fluids, medications, and nutrients to patients. With its innovative features and user-friendly interface, it’s a valuable addition to any healthcare setting. Key Features: Intuitive Interface: The infusion pump boasts a large, easy-to-read LCD screen with an English interface, ensuring effortless operation for healthcare professionals. Universal Compatibility: Compatible with all standard infusion sets meeting international standards, this pump offers exceptional flexibility in medical settings. Simply select the appropriate settings via the buttons. Air Detection and Safety: The built-in air detector is a critical safety feature. If it detects air bubbles in the infusion line, an audio-visual alarm sounds, and the pump automatically stops, reducing the risk of air embolism. Pressure Monitoring: The pump continuously monitors pressure levels during infusion. If pressure exceeds the defined range, an alarm alerts healthcare providers. Double CPU Reliability: With a dual-CPU system, the infusion process is not only safer but also highly reliable, ensuring accurate and precise administration. Bolus Function: The pump offers a bolus (fast-speed dosage) function, allowing for rapid delivery of medications when needed. Real-time Monitoring: Stay informed with real-time data on infused volume, bolus rate, bolus volume, and the “Keep Vein Open” (KVO) rate, providing comprehensive insights into the infusion process. Convenient Features: Additional features include automatic power switching, a mute button for alarms, a purge function for system clearing, system memory for data storage, a key locker for security, and the ability to change the flow rate without interrupting infusion. The Aveus AV 200X Infusion Pump sets a new standard for infusion therapy, offering accuracy, safety, and ease of use. It ensures that patients receive the precise care they need, making it an indispensable tool for healthcare providers.

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Model : AV-200X
Made in : Poland
Warranty : One (1) Year
Pumping Mechanism : Curvilinear peristaltic
IV Set : Compatible with IV sets of any standard
Flow Rate: 0.1-1500 ml/h (in 0.1 ml/h increments)
Purge, Bolus : 100-1500 ml/h (in 1 ml/h increments) | Purge when pump stops | bolus when pump starts
Bolus Volume : 1-20 ml (in 1 ml increments)
Accuracy : 0.03
VTBI : 1-9999 ml
Infusion Mode: 0.1-5 ml/h (in 0.1 ml/h increments)
KVO Rate: 0.1-5 ml/h (in 0.1 ml/h increments)
Alarms : Occlusion | air-in-line | door open | end program | low battery | end battery | AC power off | motor malfunction | system malfunction | reminder alarm
Additional Features : Real-time infused volume / bolus rate / bolus volume / KVO rate | automatic power switching | mute button | purge | bolus | system memory | key locker | change flow rate without stopping the pump
Occlusion Sensitivity : High | Medium | Low
Air-in-line Detection : Ultrasonic detector
Wireless Management : Optional
Power Supply : 110/230 V (optional) | 50-60 Hz | 20 VA
Battery : 9.6 1.6 V | rechargeable
Battery Life : 5 hours at 30 ml/h
Working Temperature : 10-40℃
Atmospheric Pressure : 700-1060hpa
Dimensions : 174 x 126 x 215 mm
Weight : 2.5KG
Safety Classification :

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