Ravel RE-317D-SL Addressable Smoke Detector

  • Dual LED’s for 360? visibility
  • Advanced detection and communication protocol
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Sleek low-profile housing design

80.00 AED 94.00 AED

SKU: 100689
Brand: Ravel
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The 317 Series addressable detectors are designed to work with Avani panel. They have dual LED?s for visual indication. The LED?s are blinking in normal operating condition while the steady state is indicative of fire status. The RE317D-SL is a low profile analogue addressable smoke detector having a unique optical chamber designed to sense smoke produced by wide range of source of combustion. The detector sensitivity can be programmed via FACP. It has a unique drift compensation feature where in detector monitors the sensitivity based on environmental conditions.

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Physical Specification: Height- 46mm with base | 100 mm dia | 150g with base | IP Rating-IP-42
Operating Voltage: 17~28VDC
Operating Temp: -10degC to 50degC
Humidity: 0 – 95% RH | non condensing or icing
Reset voltage: less than 3V
Start-up current: 500?A
Alarm current: 5 mA
Remote output: 2mA maximum open collector
Smoke Sensitivity: (1.9 ? 0.6) % / ft
Thermal Rating: 59degC (138degF)
Rate of Raise Temp: 11.1degC / min. (20?F/min)

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