Philips Respironics Trilogy EVO (OBM) Portable Ventilator

  • Versatile use in dynamic environments – Treat chronic and critical patients in various settings.
  • Enhanced battery life – Up to 15 hours of continuous use for greater freedom and mobility.
  • User-friendly navigation – 8” touchscreen with easy setup and modification.
  • Trusted reliability – Built on innovative Trilogy family technology with advanced respiratory monitoring capabilities.
  • Adaptive ventilation – AVAPS and Auto EPAP for patient comfort.
  • On-demand ventilation – Unique kiss® trigger for effortless breath triggering.
  • Sensitive breath triggering – Digital Auto-Trak ensures automated breath support.
  • Cost-effective ownership – 24-hour clinical support, extended warranties, and minimal calibration equipment.

44,500.00 AED 52,355.00 AED

SKU: 101270
Brand: Philips
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The Philips Trilogy EVO OBM is an advanced ventilator that provides comprehensive respiratory support for a wide range of patients. It is equipped with expanded cross-functionality, making it suitable for use in various settings, including sub-acute or chronic care environments, as well as a patient’s home or during their daily activities. This flexibility ensures that patients can receive consistent and appropriate ventilation regardless of their location. The Trilogy EVO OBM is designed with durability in mind, providing enhanced protection against damage during travel, such as during medical transport. This feature is particularly important in critical care situations, where patients may need to be transferred between healthcare facilities. The ventilator is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to deliver precise and personalized ventilation. It offers advanced features such as different ventilation modes, pressure and volume control, and advanced breath triggering and cycling, allowing healthcare professionals to tailor ventilation settings to each patient’s specific needs. Additionally, the Trilogy EVO OBM incorporates intuitive user interfaces, including an easy-to-read display and user-friendly controls. This design simplifies the setup and operation process, enabling healthcare providers to make rapid adjustments and changes to ventilation settings when necessary. With its portability and durability, the Philips Trilogy EVO OBM provides a reliable and efficient solution for managing respiratory care in a variety of clinical settings. Its advanced features, user-friendly interface, and ability to adapt to changing conditions make it a valuable tool for healthcare professionals in providing optimal care to their patients.

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Ventilation modes: A/C-PCA/C-VC | CPAP | PSV | S/T | SIMV-PC | SIMV-VC | MPV-PC | MPV-VC
Size : 16.5 cm D x 28.6 cm W x 24.5 cm H 6.48” D x 11.25” W x 9.65” H
Weight : 5.2 kg
Screen dimensions : 8” | 20.32 cm
OXYGEN: Low flow-0 to 30 l/min | maximum 10 psi | High pressure-280 to 600 kPa (41 to 87 psi)
AC input voltage : 100V – 240V | 50/60 Hz | 1.7 – 0.6A
DC input voltage : 12/24V 6.5A
Internal and detachable Li-on batteries : 15 hours’ nominal total run time per method in IEC 80601-2-72 (7.5 hours each battery)
Charge time for detachable and internal battery : from 0% to 80%- 2.5 hours | from 0% to 100%- 3.5 hours
Inspiratory Pressure : PEEP+1 to 89 cmH2O
Tidal Volume : OFF | 10 – 2000 ml
Minute Ventilation : OFF | 0.2 – 30 L/min
Respiratory Rate : OFF | 1 – 90 BPM
Circuit Disconnection : OFF | 5 – 60 sec
Apnea Interval : 5 to 60 sec
No trigger : OFF; 0.5-15 min (ONLY in MPV)

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