Philips Respironics DreamWear Nasal CPAP Mask

  • Soft Tubing Frame- Adapts to facial contours, no pressure points
  • Freedom to Move- Comfortable seal, unrestricted airflow
  • Under-the-Nose Cushion- No contact on nasal bridge
  • Optional Headgear and Tubing Attachment- Stabilizes mask, reduces drag
  • Minimal Contact, Open View- Low-profile design, open field of view
  • Frame Sizes- Small, medium, large, interchangeable
  • Cushions- Four sizes for secure seal
  • Soft Wraps- Prevents discomfort from straps

800.00 AED 950.00 AED

SKU: 101235
Brand: Philips
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Philips Respironics presents the DreamWear, an innovative nasal mask designed to revolutionize comfort for individuals with sleep apnea. With its unique design, the DreamWear CPAP mask ensures tubing stays clear of your face, enabling you to sleep comfortably in any position. Among all CPAP masks available, the DreamWear mask offers wearers an unparalleled clear line of sight and wide peripheral view. It becomes the ideal choice for those who enjoy reading or watching television while using their CPAP mask. Comparatively, nasal CPAP masks like the DreamWear provide less facial coverage than full-face masks. Regardless of the type, fitting the mask and checking the size remains crucial to prevent displacement during sleep. For the Philips DreamWear nasal mask, ensure the cushion opening aligns under the nostrils and securely hugs the nose to prevent air leaks. Place the mask frame over your head and adjust the headgear until it provides a comfortable fit. The DreamWear nasal mask should feel snug but not overly tight, with the frame’s elbows positioned on top of your head. Similarly, fitting the Philips DreamWear full-face mask involves positioning the cushion opening directly under the nostrils, hugging both the nose and mouth for a secure fit.

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Materials Silicone, Polycarbonate, Polyurethane foam, Nylon, Spandex, Thermoplastic elastomer, Polyester: Silicone | Polycarbonate | Polyurethane foam | Nylon | Spandex | Thermoplastic elastomer | Polyester
Materials Not Include: Natural rubber latex
Frame Measurements: small- 19 inches | Medium- 20 | inchesLarge- 22 inches
Package Includes:  (1) DreamWear Nasal CPAP Mask frame (Selected Size)                                                       (1) Cushion for DreamWear Nasal Mask (Selected Size)                                                           (1) Pair of Fabric Wraps Optional Headgear with Arms (additional fees apply) All Cushion Sizes option available (additional fees apply)


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