PCE-VE 1036HR-F Video Endoscope

  • Endoscope with two-way optics for challenging access points
  • Image rotation by 90° on the handset display for improved visibility
  • Handset functions include digital zoom and LED brightness adjustment
  • Thread on the back for tripod mounting, allowing for permanent recordings
  • Optional automatic switch-off with customizable time intervals (5 to 30 minutes)
  • Comfortable handling with padded straps
  • Includes a 3m (9.8 ft) cable inspection camera with 2-way cable
  • Equipped with image and video storage capabilities
  • Comes with an 8 GB memory card
  • Features LED lighting for illumination
  • Includes a robust carrying case for secure storage and transport

18,000.00 AED 21,176.00 AED

Brand: PCE
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The PCE-VE 1036HR-F is a versatile inspection tool that accommodates various inspection camera or endoscope cables with distinct features. Notably, it boasts a spacious and high-resolution display, providing users with an excellent view of the area under inspection. This endoscope allows for image and video recording, with the added feature of audio recording for videos. Images are saved with crystal-clear resolution directly to the inserted SD card through the stylus. Retrieving the recorded content from the computer ensures clear display and accessibility. The flexibility of using different SD cards, with a maximum capacity of 32 GB, offers convenience, and an 8 GB memory card, for instance, can store over 60, 000 images or more than 530 minutes of video material, making it a highly efficient and adaptable tool for various inspection needs.

Display: 7″ LCD (800 x 480)
Image Resolution: 640 x 480 JPEG
Video Recording: 640 x 480 MPEG (with sound recording)
drop test: 1 m / 3.2 ft
Power Supply: Li-Ion battery
Interface: USB
Picture and Video Memory: To SD card (up to 32 GB)
AV Output: NTSC / PAL
Audio Input: Built-in microphone
Brightness Setting: 10-step adjustable on the main unit
Runtime per Battery Charge: 5 hours
Charging Time Battery: 3 hours
Charging Temperature: 10 … 40°C / 50 … 104°F
Operating Temperature: 0 … 60°C / 32 … 140°F
Storage Temperature: 0 … 60°C / 32 … 140°F
Protection Class: IP57
Measurements: 240 x 154 x 47 mm / 9.4 x 6 x 1.8 in
Cable Length: 3 m / 9.8 ft
Functions on the control unit of the cable: Imporve Lighting | Image rotation through 360° in 90° increments to change the lighting for the mirror use | camera head lock | Keylock
Lighting: 3 white LEDs on the camera head
Length of the camera head: About 20 mm / 0.79 in
Material Camera head: Dtainless steel
Diameter of camera head: 6 mm / 0.24 in
Depth of Cut:
Working and Storage Temperature: -20 … 60°C / -4 … 140°F
Dimensions Control unit: 228 x 35 x 53 mm / 8.9 x 1.3 x 2 in
Weight: Approx. 400 g / < 1 lb
Origin: UK

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