Medix Adult Oxygen Mask

  • Medix Adult Oxygen Mask
  • Designed for oxygen therapy in adults
  • Fits securely over the nose and mouth
  • Adjustable elastic head strap for a comfortable fit
  • Transparent mask for easy monitoring
  • Soft, flexible material for enhanced comfort
  • Compatible with standard oxygen tubing
  • Single-use, disposable design for hygiene
  • Suitable for use in medical facilities and home care
  • Helps deliver oxygen to patients with respiratory conditions
  • Provides oxygen therapy during medical procedures or emergencies.

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Brand: MEDIX
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Medix Adult Oxygen Mask. The Medix Adult Oxygen Mask is a medical device designed for the delivery of supplemental oxygen to adult patients with respiratory insufficiency or respiratory distress. It consists of a mask made from soft, transparent material that covers the nose and mouth of the patient and connects to an oxygen source via tubing.

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Brand : Medix
Product Name : Adult Oxygen Mask
Type : Oxygen therapy mask
Intended Use : Designed for delivering oxygen to adult patients
Material : Made from medical-grade PVC
Mask Type : Non-rebreather
Oxygen Tube Length : Standard length oxygen tubing included
Oxygen Flow Rate : Compatible with various oxygen flow rates
Adjustable : Adjustable nose clip for a secure and comfortable fit
Elastic Head Strap : Elastic head strap for secure positioning
Latex-Free : Latex-free construction for reduced risk of allergic reactions
Single-Use : Disposable design for single-patient use
Universal Compatibility : Compatible with most oxygen therapy equipment
Individually Packaged : Individually packaged for hygienic storage and distribution

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