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Elock AL-NVX80 Motion Detector with Anti-Mask and SeeTrue

  • Eight independent detection channels for maximum security
  • Active IR & MW Anti-Mask Detection
  • Dedicated Creep Detector
  • OLED Display and Easy, No Manual Programming No Jumpers, No Dipswitch
  • Pet Immunit

2,300.00 AED 2,400.00 AED

Brand: Elock
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Elock AL-NVX80 Motion Detector with Anti-Mask and SeeTrue. AL-NVX80 Motion Detector with Anti-Mask is a powerful indoor / outdoor detector that is highly sensitive, accurate and maintains reliability, even in extreme environments.This is a grade-3 dual technology detector, is designed specifically for high security outdoor or indoor environments. Deploying Paradoxs SeeTrue technology,combined with 8 detection channels, NVX80 is comprised of 4X forward-looking PIR channels, 2X microwave channels, and 2X dedicated Creep Detectors, all supported by advanced detection algorithms. Delivering exceptional detection performance, the NVX80 bypasses routine and environment interference, such as swinging plants, small animals and light reflections, therefore, minimizing false alarms.

Coverage Pattern : 16 m (52 ft) 90º with creep detection
Display :   OLED, 16-bit, 96 x 64 pixels
Microwave :    Dual output 10.5 GHz
Installation Height :  2.5 – 3 m (8 – 10 ft)

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