BMC G3 Auto BiPAP with Humidifier and Mask B30VT

  • Effective performance with S/T Mode for spontaneous breathing and forced ventilation if needed
  • Target Tidal Volume Function adjusts pressure support for better ventilation based on patient needs
  • Auto Leak Compensation ensures correct triggering and functions during treatment
  • Inspiratory Time Control with Ti min and Ti max settings prevents ventilation issues
  • PM2.5 Filter Box filters finer dust and allergens for sensitive users
  • SpO2 Sensor available in finger sleeve and finger clip types
  • Intelligent Comfort Features include a new humidifier design and easy-to-use PUSH water chamber
  • Humanized UI Design allows one-button access to frequently used features
  • 3.5″ full-color screen displays real-time data and waveform feedback
  • Accessory and supply reminder for effective treatment
  • G3 has a clock, temperature, and humidity monitor for added convenience

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SKU: 101223
Brand: BMC
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The BMC G3 Auto BiPAP with Humidifier and Mask B30VT is a high-quality BiPAP machine designed to provide effective respiratory support for individuals with breathing difficulties. It features advanced auto-adjusting pressure settings for personalized therapy, and the integrated humidifier ensures optimal comfort during treatment. The included mask offers a secure and comfortable fit, and the user-friendly interface allows for easy setup and operation. Compact and versatile, the BMC G3 Auto BiPAP is an excellent choice for improved breathing and better sleep quality.

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Dimensions (L x W x H) : 265 mm × 145 mm × 114 mm
Weight : 1.7 kg
Water capacity : To maximum fill line 360 mL
Humidifier Settings: Off | 1 to 5 | Auto (95°F to 154.4°F /35°C to 68°C)
Humidifier Output : No less than 15 mg H2O/L
Working mode & functions : CPAP | S | T | S/T | Target Tidal Volume
Pressure range : 4 – 30 cmH2O
Sound Pressure Level: < 26 dB | when the device is working at the pressure of 10 hPa
Data Transfer: Cellular Module | WiFi
Data Storage:
On board: Summary data | all the time;Detailed airflow data | 1 day.
SD card: Summary data | all the time;Detailed airflow data | 546 hours

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