B-WELL Steam Inhaler Pro 118

  • B-Well Steam Inhaler Pro 118
  • Medical device for steam inhalation therapy
  • Helps relieve respiratory symptoms such as congestion and cough
  • Utilizes steam to moisturize and soothe the airways
  • Effective for treating respiratory conditions like sinusitis and bronchitis
  • Portable design for convenient home use
  • Easy-to-use with simple operation
  • Adjustable steam intensity for personalized treatment
  • Compatible with essential oils for added therapeutic benefits
  • Comes with a mask for comfortable inhalation
  • Suitable for all ages, including children and adults
  • Helps promote clearer breathing and overall respiratory health

118.00 AED 139.00 AED

Brand: B-WELL
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B-WELL Steam Inhaler Pro 118. The B-Well Steam Inhaler Pro 118 is a specialized medical device designed to provide steam inhalation therapy for individuals suffering from respiratory conditions such as colds, sinus congestion, allergies, bronchitis, or other respiratory tract infections. It offers a convenient and effective way to relieve congestion, loosen mucus, and soothe irritated airways.

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Brand : B-Well
Model : Steam Inhaler Pro 118
Type : Steam inhaler
Power Source : Electric, plug-in
Inhalation Method : Steam therapy
Steam Generation : Produces fine steam for effective respiratory therapy
Steam Temperature : Adjustable steam temperature for personalized treatment
Inhalation Time : Adjustable inhalation time for customized therapy sessions
Mask Compatibility : Compatible with both adult and pediatric masks
Accessory : Includes masks and nosepiece for versatile usage
Portability : Lightweight and compact design for easy transport and storage
Construction : Durable construction with user-friendly interface
Warranty : Manufacturer’s warranty for a specified period

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