Aqara Single Switch Module T1

  • Power Monitoring
  • Zigbee 3.0 Protocol
  • Compact Size
  • 2-way Switch Support
  • Power Off Memory
  • Advanced protection
  • Timers and Remote Control
  • All-Round Compatibility

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Aqara Single Switch Module T1.

The Aqara Single Switch Module T1 (No Neutral) is a ZigBee technology powered smart switch module that enables you to control your entire smart home through your smartphone. Simply install the Aqara Single Switch Module T1 behind your existing keyboards to turn your traditional switches to smart switches. Integrate your Aqara Single Switch Module T1 with an Aqara Hub and an Aqara Motion Sensor to have your lights turn on automatically as soon as you walk into a room – you can easily design your own custom Scenes and workflows with the Aqara Single Switch Module T1 (No Neutral). Receive detailed tracking and usage statistics of the electricity consumption by your different connected appliances so that you are always in the know and in control of your power bills. The Aqara Single Switch Module T1 (No Neutral) also enhances the life of your connected appliances by cutting off power when it detects overloading or overheating of your connected appliances, thus saving them from damage. If you are worried about an unstable internet connection ruining your experience of a smart home, then worry no more as the Aqara Single Switch Module T1 enables smooth functioning of all your Aqara smart home devices even if your Wi-Fi connection is unstable or even disconnected, leaving you to enjoy the uninterrupted comfort of your smart home. The Aqara Single Switch Module T1 is also compatible with your favorite voice assistants including Amazon Alexa, Apple’s Siri and Google Home, allowing you to control your Aqara Smart home devices with voice commands.

Product Model : SSM-U01
Product Dimensions : 42.9×40×19.9 mm
Product Color : White
Net Weight (kg) : 0.03
Gross Weight (kg) : 0.05
Input Power : 100-250VAC,50/60Hz, μ
Input Current : MAX 10A (resistive load)
Rated Load : Min 3W, Max 2500W (resistive load), μ Please do not overload it.(Please       make sure that the 10A over-current protection circuit breaker on the front end of this product works normally before it powers on)
Wireless Connection : Zigbee 3.0
Wireless Standard : IEEE 802.15.4
Wireless Frequency : 2.4GHz (2400~2483.5MHz)
Receiver Sensitivity : -102dBm
Effective Communication Distance : 30m (indoors)
Operating Temperature : 0°C~ 35°C
Operating Humidity : 5% ~ 95% RH, non-condensing
Storage Temperature : -10°C~ 50°C

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