Aqara QBKG25LM

  • Support three key switch
  • APP remote control, voice control (support Chinese)
  • Intelligent linkage, zero-crossing protection, over-temperature protection
  • Support Mijia APP, Aqara Home, HomeKit
  • Supported gateways: The D1 three-key currently only supports for Aqara gateway, for Xiaomi Mijia multifunction gateway V2, and for Xiaomi Mijia smart multimode gateway

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Aqara QBKG25LM. The Aqara Smart Switch is meticulously designed to seamlessly replace your existing light switches with a standard 86mm square size, making it a quick and effortless ten-minute task requiring only a screwdriver. This direct replacement ensures a new switch is installed, leaving no apparent signs of change.

These smart wall switches from Aqara not only provide a minimalist appearance for simple functionality but also feature large rocker buttons covering the entire switch face. This design makes it easy to locate and press the switch, even in the dark. The spring-powered rockers offer a satisfying tactile response with each press, ensuring an intuitive and comfortable user experience. Additionally, tiny LEDs indicate the status of each switch.

Moreover, it’s important to note that Aqara smart switches are integral components of a comprehensive ecosystem – the Aqara environment. These switches serve as part of a broader system that can transform an entire living space into a smart home. The Aqara ecosystem encompasses an array of sensors, cameras, switches, locks, and hubs, providing complete control over various aspects of your home. With seamless integration, this system allows you to create a truly interconnected and intelligent home environment.

Product model : QBKG25LM
Product size : 86x86x39.8mm
Operating temperature : 0°C~+40°C
Wireless connection : Zigbee
Rated voltage : 220V, 50Hz
Single load : Max 1600W, Min 3W
Rated voltage : Max 1600W (three channels in total)
Working temperature : 0° C~40° C
Working humidity : 5~95% RH, non-condensing

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