VWR Tissue Culture Plate 96 Well U Bottom ST (pk 100)

  • Uniform well volume ensures an equal growth surface area
  • Well surface is smooth and free from striations to maximize usable growth area
  • Raised rims on wells with uniform rings on the lid to reduce evaporation
  • Single-position lid reduces the risk of cross-contamination and handling mistakes
  • Wells are labeled with alphanumeric code for easy identification
  • Suitable for use with all common instruments and automation
  • Sterilized by electron beam irradiation
  • Free from DNase and RNase, and non-pyrogenic

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SKU: 101188
Brand: VWR
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The VWR Tissue Culture Plate is TC-treated using vacuum-gas plasma treatment. This treatment ensures consistent cell attachment and growth on the plate surface. The TC treatment creates a highly hydrophilic surface, which offers a notable advantage over traditional cell culture surfaces. The hydrophilic surface treatment improves cell spreading and attachment, making it beneficial for cells that tend to adhere poorly. This can be due to specific cell phenotypes (observable traits), challenging culture conditions, or cells that typically require additional biological coatings for attachment. By using the vacuum-gas plasma treatment, the VWR Tissue Culture Plate provides a reliable and standardized environment for cell culture. This treatment promotes consistent cell attachment, allowing for consistent and reproducible results in cell growth and experiments.

SKU: 101188 Category: Brand:
VWR Catalog Number: 734-2328
Description: 96-well plates | round bottom | TC-treated
Colour: Clear
Surface: TC-treated
Culture area: 0 | 32 cm²
Recommended working volume: 0 | 075 – 0 | 20 ml
Sterile: +
Packed: 1/bag
Pk: 100

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