VWR Tissue Culture Flask 25CM2 Vent Cap ST (pk 200)

  • Available with five different growth areas
  • Flask surface is flat and free from striations to maximize usable growth area
  • Two different cap styles can be used in both open and closed systems
  • Innovative angled neck design offers good pipette and cell scraper access
  • Triangular top with wide base provides stability
  • Easy stacking
  • Frosted area near the neck for easy marking/writing
  • Engraved graduations on multiple sides
  • 100% integrity tested
  • Sterilized by electron beam irradiation
  • Free from DNase and RNase and non-pyrogenic

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SKU: 101186
Brand: VWR
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The VWR Tissue Culture Flask is TC treated and has an extended design. The TC treatment creates a hydrophilic surface that enhances cell attachment and growth, particularly for cells that have difficulty adhering under normal culture conditions. This treatment eliminates the need for additional coatings, making it easier to culture cells that require extra support for attachment. The extended design allows for a larger working volume, providing increased cell attachment surface for optimal growth.

SKU: 101186 Category: Brand:
VWR Catalog Number: 734-2311
Capacity: 50 ml
Growth area: 25 | 0 cm²
Surface: TC-treated
Working volume: 5 – 7 | 5 ml
Closure type: Vented cap
Packed: 5 per bag/100 per case
Pk: 100

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