Elock EL-EB4-GLS Replacement Glass

  • The replacement glass panel is designed for straightforward installation, allowing users to quickly and easily replace the damaged glass without the need for specialized tools or expertise
  • By replacing damaged or compromised glass panels with the EL-EB4-GLS Replacement Glass, users can ensure the continued safety and reliability of the break glass door release system
  • Constructed from high-quality materials, the replacement glass panel is designed to withstand the rigors of everyday use and potential impacts
  • It helps maintain compliance with safety regulations and standards in various commercial, industrial, and institutional settings
  • The EL-EB4-GLS Replacement Glass is engineered to be compatible with the EL-EB4 Break Glass Door Release system
  • It seamlessly integrates with the existing EL-EB4 Break Glass Door Release unit, restoring its functionality promptly
  • It ensures long-lasting durability and reliability, maintaining the integrity of the door release system
  • It serves as a direct replacement for damaged or broken glass panels within the unit

6.00 AED 8.00 AED

Brand: Elock
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Elock EL-EB4-GLS Replacement Glass. EL-EB4-GLS Replacement Glass for EL-EB4 Break Glass Door Release is specifically designed as a replacement component for the EL-EB4 Break Glass Door Release system. The EL-EB4-GLS Replacement Glass offers a cost-effective and efficient solution for maintaining and repairing the EL-EB4 Break Glass Door Release system, ensuring uninterrupted operation and safety in emergency situations.

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