ALP CL-40M Vertical Autoclave, 85L

  • Upward Opening Lid
  • Electro Mechanical Lock
  • Graphic Display
  • Timed Free Steaming
  • Adjustable Automatic Exhaust
  • Warming & Dissolving of Culture Medium
  • Water Cooling System of Exhaust-Steam & Drainage of Water (CL Standard Series)
  • Start – Timer by Calendar
  • Memory Back Up
  • Mouth Boss for Object Temperature Sensor is Provided on the Lid
  • Light to Use (CL-S Models)
  • Warm Air Drying (CL-DP Series)

35,020.00 AED 41,250.00 AED

SKU: 101194
Brand: ALP
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The Autoclave ALP Model CL-40M is a compact and versatile autoclave machine designed for sterilization purposes. It features a robust construction and user-friendly interface with a graphic display. The autoclave is equipped with an upward opening lid and an electro-mechanical lock for secure operation. It offers timed free steaming and adjustable automatic exhaust for precise control of sterilization processes. The CL-40M model also includes features such as warming and dissolving of culture medium, water cooling system for exhaust steam, and drainage of water. It incorporates a start-timer by calendar function and has memory backup capabilities. Additionally, it provides a mouth boss for an object temperature sensor on the lid and optional light for improved visibility (CL-S models)

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Basic model: CL-40M
Dry model with warm air: CL-40MDP
Sterilization chamber size: φ400×672mm
Capacity (L): 85L
Maximum temperature Max: 137℃ 0.25MPa (2.5kg/cm3)
Operating time: Sterilization and melting-0 minutes to 10 hours or continuous; heat preservation- 0 minutes to 48 hours
Controller: Microprocessor control
Operation mode: A- heating → sterilization → exhaust (adjustable); B- heating → sterilization → exhaust (adjustable) → heat preservation; C- melting → heat preservation
Air exhaust device: Temperature sensor | time control and solenoid valve (timing exhaust system) [-DVP type- through vacuum pump]
Operation mode with drying: D- heating → sterilization → drainage → drying; E- only drying
Drying device: Use electric heaters and air pumps (vacuum pumps) to pass hot air through | and circulate and discharge after 0.2μm microporous filters
Temperature range: 60-180℃
Timing range: 0 minutes-99 hours or continuous
Safety devices: Double internal lock system | hatch closure inspection system | overpressure detection | overtemperature detection | water leakage protection | sensor open circuit indication | abnormal time indication. Power-off memory | safety valve | minor leakage | overcurrent and short circuit breakers.
Pressure vessel: Safety valve operation
Standard accessories: Drain board | hose | stainless steel wire basket (2 pcs) | draining steam condensate collection bottle | (drain board | stainless steel hose)
Optional accessories: Stainless steel wire basket | bucket | dressing bucket

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